Seaford beach accessibility,
About the campaign

By Sam Taylor on July 30, 2018

The Seaford beach access campaign aims to gain a ramp way and platform area onto our single in Seaford East Sussex. This will enable those who use wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking aids or even push chairs, absolutely everybody to actually access the shingle and enjoy being on Seaford beach.

My name is Sam Taylor, I am a 31-year-old male, wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy. Currently running this campaign. We have a great seafront here in Seaford, one that is loved by many but not all are able to get onto the pebbly shingle. It is my mission to obtain access matting on Seaford bay.

Working alongside Seaford Town Council to make this dream into a reality. The campaign started in summer 2016 but soon to be unsuccessful by the new year of 2017. However, the campaign was revived in the summer of 2018, when I approached the owner of Frankie’s kiosk along Seaford bay. They were very keen to be involved in this project and the beach matts were originally going to be at this café. I then approached Seaford Town Council and proposed my visualisation to make the seafront more accessible to all. Along with my ideas I presented a folder to them, with comments and evidence from residence that this was a need for our beach in Seaford.

Due to the nature of the bay at Seaford, the shifting shingle because of our strong tides, the access will now be placed by The Martello Tower. The tower, situated on the beach in Seaford will provide shelter from the winds that we experience. Because of the steep mound going down to the sea, the access pathway will not go down to the sea line, only to the point a few feet away from the edge of the steep mound.

Seaford Town Council has had the environmental agency’s permission to go ahead with the project. This was a major crossroad point for the campaign. However, the project can now move forward.

We hope to achieve to have a composite decking pathway and the platform area, allowing wheelchair users and those with less mobility to access our shingle by spring 2019. The campaign is now in the stage of looking for funding to be able to lay the composite decking pathway, leading up to the tiling seating area at the end.

It is very exciting, looking ahead at the future prospects for beach access in Seaford. Stay tuned for new updates and news in the upcoming months. As a collaborative community we can achieve access onto our shingle to all. Please do join in on the online conversation.

I have setup a Facebook Page dedicated to beach accessibility. Please become a fan by ‘Liking’ my page. By getting as much support, together we can make this a reality.

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