Seaford beach accessibility,
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By Sam Taylor on July 30, 2018

During the Seaford Beach Access campaign, I have been asking the general public on Social Media the question as to ‘Why is beach access so important to you?’ The #SeafordBeachAceess Facebook page has received tons of feedback about this topic.

Here are the comments received:

Wendy Wells “We would definitely use this!”

Fuchsia Aurelius “I'm a wheelchair user and I have not been down to the sea in around 7 years. I miss hanging out on the beach.”

Shelley Jane Brown I am a full time wheelchair user and would love to be able to access the beach with all this hot weather my family have been enjoying the beach and I have not been able to go with them

Jenny Saunders It would be good for those youngsters who have become temporarily immobile and are unable to join their friends on the beach. It would aid recovery and increase a sense of wellbeing.

Jennie Hallett I’m a wheelchair and stick user and would love to have access to the beach

Ali Campbell Just for clarification: is Dom responsible or are you collecting the formation with him, for eventual submission to the Council? I wholeheartedly support this by the way, but pressure must always be applied in the right place!

Lesley Wetlesen Would be helpful to mums with pushchairs too!

Sarah Mc The concept is a great one and as a disabled person I do find it difficult to walk to the seas edge.

Yet also knowing the very steep incline and having been in many wheelchairs the incline would be to steep for simple matting. What is more likely to be useable is one of those all terrain beach chairs. Fundraising for one of these would be better in Seaford given the incline than the matting.

Between May and October the lifeguards offer with advance notice support for those who have difficulty to get into the sea. They have a buggy that does cover the terrain required.

Seaford Beach wheelchair accessibility. I wouldn’t want to do fundraising for an all terrain wheelchair. As they wouldn’t be practical. Transferring from chair to chair and leaving it unattended, could get stolen.

I just want to be very clear that the matting wouldn’t go down the steep mound, only a few feet away from the edge. So people with all mobility issues can go on the top portion of the beach.

Sarah Mc Ahh I was understanding the waters edge. Which I was highlighting the lifeguards can help with and will keep your chair safe. The batting idea to the edge of the mound is an excellent one which I support wholeheartedly.

Julie Bush I have to leave my poor husband along the top on his own while I go down watch the grandchildren at least he can see what’s going on!

Sonja Phillips‎ Hi, I am a wheelchair and mobility scooter user. On good days I use a walking stick but it has been 3 years since I've been able to access our shingle beach with my family. It would be amazing to be able to get onto the top so that I can see my kids splashing in the water, or watch my husband as he goes off on his paddleboard.

I miss seeing the waters edge and watching the delight on my kids faces as they get into the water.

Having access to the top portion of the beach would be incredible. At present, I rarely go to the beach because it's so restrictive for a disabled person. All I get to do is sit and have a drink whilst my family go and enjoy themselves, and I can't even see them! Thank you for working on this, and thank you to Frankie's for their help.

Sandra Langridge I always have and always will think that the beach and the sea should be accessible to everyone, its discrimination as far as I'm concerned, should of been thought out more in 1986!!!!

Andrea Trew Both of my sisters in mobility scooter’s they live in seaford . I know they would be so happy for this to happen.

Nicky Deakin Hi I am not a wheelchair user - I am concerned about how many people are unable to access the sea and beach at Seaford bay. Last summer we helped an elderly couple who were stuck on the steep banks of pebbles. I hope you are successful in getting matting for the beach. Wishing you the best of luck

Thinking the money Seaford Town council are gaining from the filming of Hope Gap at Seaford - could this fund the matting for beach access?

Jane Cooper I visit Seaford every few weeks and bring special needs people with me. Access to the beach would be brilliant.

Richie Skinner This would be fantastic. It would also be good to raise awareness how difficult it can be just to get to the seafront via the high street. Our daughter is in a wheelchair and we have to negotiate scaffolding, drop kerbs, cars parked of pavements, chairs outside of shops, narrow pavements and no pavement at all. It's all pretty challenging.

Verity Skinner Yes Sam it’s better than nothing, I am sorry I haven’t been contributing, I have started a new job, my daughter is a wheelchair user and we really need this beach access for her. Have you seen that the wheelchair swing at the Salts is opening on Sat? That might be a good place to ‘catch’ people? I hope to be there...

Andrea Trew I know it would mean so much for my younger sisters to have access to seaford beach

Vicky Darvill Although it was on a different beach, my parents were desperate to take their great granddaughter for her first trip on the beach. They both need to use various mobility aids and the only way we could get them on to the beach was to physically carry them. A ramp on the beach would have eliminated stress, anxiety and trauma from an otherwise perfect family day on the beach, something which many take for granted.

Anthony Masters When my little boy was in a pram we struggled to get it up and down the beach. Would this be of use for this too ?

Sammy Taylor Yes, anything.

Anthony Masters I know this would also be of great use for holly. Chris Walbrin the butchers daughter. I’m sure he would love to support the cause

Nicola Park I would love to be able to get straight down the beach 🏖 I foster baby’s and with the pram down there would be great and for my son and my grandchildren to win his baby 👶 thank you

Charlie Christie Any easy or supported access for anybody that uses wheels (wheelchairs/elderly/mums with prams), also people that are a little unsteady in their feet and can’t tolerate the pebbles. This would be a wonderful way to make our beach more inclusive. EVERYBODY should be able to access this wonder

Wendy Wells It would provide access to wheel my 95 year old Mum, nearer to the sea, which she just loves. And would mean she could sit nearer to where her great grandchildren would be swimming and playing by the sea. We would love to be able to do this

Tessa Innis That would be so sensible not that old but really struggle to get back up to the promenade after walking along the waters edge. Can't think of valid reason why not

Linda Dobson I use crutches and it is totally inaccessible to me and for anyone who has a mobility problem and for mums with pushchairs. Good luck

Niky Macallister All beaches should have an easy access to beaches for wheelchairs less able to walk and buggies and toddlers. Why should they be unable to enjoy the beach?

Mary Knight Always good to make everything more accessible to everyone.

Angelika Harris It would be wonderful to get my daughter, who uses a wheelchair, down to the beach to see her children play in the water. At the moment, we have to leave her behind on any outings. Just as necessary for people with buggies and walking sticks.

Julie Bush This would be fantastic my husband is a wheelchair user he has MS and I feel terrible leaving him on the prom while I go on the beach with the grandchildren he misses out not seeing them play and enjoying the scenery

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