Seaford beach accessibility,
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The Seaford Beach Access Campaign, the goal is to enable everybody with all mobility issues and wheelchair users to access the shingle and enjoy our beach in Seaford, East Sussex. This will be achieved by having a composite/wooden pathway, leading to heavy duty matting tiles, making a seated platform area at the end. I am working with Seaford Town Council to make this a possibility.

Seaford Town Council has had the go ahead from the Environmental Agency, they have confirmed that it will definitely be possible for this to be achieved. The Council has given me the go ahead to raise the funds for this campaign.

By achieving this project, it will benefit everybody in Seaford who enjoy the activity of being on the beach. For some this is not possible, due to the barrier of the shingle.

Funds will need to be raised to make all of this a possibility. I am not entirely sure what the final cost will be, I am still waiting for Seaford Town Council to confirm this. It will be between £3000 and £5000 but no more. I have started with the goal of being £1000 and can increase this at a later date.

With these funds the whole project can be carried out as soon as this summer. It’s very an exciting thought that there could be access for all in summer of 2019!

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